March 16, 2017

Private Bedroom(s) Available Now through Aug. 5

I am in my first year as an advisor/instructor for Pre-Med/Pre-Health students in the College of Science.  I have 1-2 BR’s available in my 1400 sq foot town home between now and Aug. 5.  Rent is $500/mo for 1 BR and $750 for 2​ BR’s, plus $35 for Internet and utilities.  Will have private half-bath, shared shower/tub.  Ideal for someone who needs a place to stay temporarily while starting a new job in State College.  Also open to graduate/professional/non-traditional students.  For pictures and more information, here is the link to Craigslist:


If you or anyone you know is interested, I can be contacted at or at 402-689-3784.


Thanks, Dave

David A. Cassiday

Health Professions Advisor

Penn State University