May 17, 2017

Furnished Studio Apartment available September 1st

This Vairo studio apartment has a rear entrance, closest to the parking lot off Vairo and Marjorie Mae St.
  The 20′x15′ bedroom includes a queen bed, 8 drawer dresser, storage shelf with 8 square cubbies and 7′ closet. The kitchenette appliances include a hot plate with pans, microwave, toaster oven, toaster, fully-sized refrigerator, and cabinets for storage. The private bathroom has two storage shelves for extra standing storage, a single shower, toilet and sink with under cabinet storage.
  Rent is $600 a month, this includes electric, laundry-washer and dryer, basic wifi and (if requested) basic Xfinity TV services, and a free rear parking spot.
  There is a bus stop accessible in the front of the apartment as well as a bike path that leads to campus and multiple running trails.
  Any further questions feel free to contact Rachel Mack by phone (724)-877-4273 or by email  ”