Does ThirdPlace do service projects?

We want all people who are a part of ThirdPlace to be pursuing a lifestyle serving others. That means showing people love in the regular interactions of life (talking to a cashier or bus driver who seems to be having a rough day, helping your neighbor shovel their snow, or taking an extra five minutes to talk with a coworker who is going through an ordeal). That also means making an extra effort to be involved in different places and with different people than you might normally. Some of the past activities ThirdPlace has been involved with include working with the Food Bank, Youth Service Bureau, Big Brothers Big Sisters, City Serve (a day of service all throughout Centre Region), as well as in places as diverse as inner-city Philadelphia, and an orphanage in Rwanda.

What are Life Groups?

We believe that deep, close-knit community is an essential part of healthy living. Life Groups are times to share in each others’ lives and to grow closer to God, each other, and people around us. Each group is different but activities include things like eating together, praying together, studying the Bible, playing games, and serving the community. To get involved in a Life Group e-mail: thirdplace@calvarysc.org

Where did the name ThirdPlace come from? And why can’t I spell ThirdPlace like this: thiRd plAce?

ThirdPlace is derived from the idea that people tend to have home as their first place, work as their second place, and there is a need for an authentic community or friends to fill that third place in your life!

Can I submit a service project idea?

Absolutely! Contact us with your idea and we’ll work with you to get it planned and on the calendar.

How do I post something like a housing request to the Forum page?

Please¬†contact us¬†with your listing and we’ll get it posted as soon as possible. Please include any important details, pricing, preferences, and your email address that you would like people to contact you at. Then, when you no longer need your listing up, please let us know and we will take it down.